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Now building a Greater Grace!

Just before midnight on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, the campus of Grace Baptist Church and Academy was struck by a category 3 tornado, causing catastrophic damage. The buildings were so degraded that 15 structures and over 148,000 sq. ft. were lost. 


Within a few short days, a steering committee called the Disaster Recovery and Rebuild Committee (DRRC)

was authorized by the Church Board to guide our recovery and rebuilding efforts. This group included our Senior Pastor-Adam Love, Executive Pastor-Mike Swanson, Head of School-Matt Pollock, GBA Director of Advancement-Les Compton, and church/school leaders; Alan Walker, Paul Snyder, Tom Crum, John Parshall, and Greg Estes.  A tenth member was added when we hired GBA parent of alumni and recently retired TVA engineer, Stan Haber as our Project Manager.  Since those first meetings in a local hotel conference room, this team has met over 50 times to strategize and direct this monumental task. 


Please take a tour with us through these boxes below as we share our story in the following "chapters."

How Did We Get Here?  Where Are We Now?  What's Next?  Highlights and Updates, and finally, What Can You Do?

How Did We Get Here?

What happened in wake of the tornado.



What's Next?

Upcoming steps and decisions.

Worship Center - Stage View.jpg

Where Are We Now?

The construction process.



Highlights & Updates

Most recent developments.

Church Commons - Entry.jpg

What Can You Do?

Consider what God desires for you to give now toward the future of Grace ministries.


Tell our story and connect our leaders  with people who care about our ministry and may desire to support our work financially.

Church Commons - Hospitality Lounge
Church Commons - Wide Hall
Worship Center - Stage
Church Commons - Entry
Church Commons - Hall
Worship Center - Center
Worship Center - Stage View
Worship Center - Stage Wide
Church Commons - Coffee
Lower School Entry
Campus Aerial
Academy Entry
Field House
Church edit

Pastor Adam gives a virtual tour of the new church building in this video!

Construction timeline for web.jpg
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