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Highlights & Updates

The original claim of damages for Grace Baptist ministries was submitted to FEMA at a value of over $70 million. This was the estimated cost to rebuild the campus as it was, but up to present codes.


The new master plan was originally estimated to cost $65 million.  The approved master plan is designed to return all ministries to our original capacity, yet with significant improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and security. This is not a rebuild-it is a new build, a long range vision for the future.

Total spent on the construction project by the end of December 2022 was about $23 million. This included paying for debris removal, demolition, purchase of adjacent 4+ acres, remodel of the Children’s Center and mission house, grading 20+ acres, installing below-ground infrastructure, and initiating new construction.


The cost to finish the entire master plan is yet to be determined due to the need for re-bidding all remaining construction. With soaring inflation and building supply chain issues, some have suggested an estimate of $45 million to $50 million may still be needed for completion of the entire master plan.


The pending Letters of Obligation from FEMA are expected to be finalized once costing re-estimation is completed, enabling us to initiate the process for restarting work onsite. The first objective will be to complete that which is already under construction, with the goal of occupancy in about 6 - 8 months after work begins. Work will continue through the final phase with adequate funding.


Pursuit of additional funding to fill the remaining gap continues for completion of the master plan. Individuals are encouraged to consider what God may have them contribute. Charitable foundations are also being approached for support.




In a letter dated October 2, 2023, FEMA notified Grace Baptist Ministries that our formal appeal of the denied funding for our project had been granted, effectively overturning their original assigned grant of just about $30 million for the loss of our major structures.  This has been our prayer since the appeal was submitted almost a year ago, and we are deeply grateful God has graciously given us the answer for which we asked.


Having accepted the evidence we supplied with the assistance of professional contractors and guidance from legal counsel, FEMA stated it is no longer necessary for the Army Corps of Engineers to continue their review.  This is yet another answer to prayer over the past few months where God has expedited that process.


FEMA is now committed to completing their re-estimation of our damage costs based on the documentation we provided.  They indicated that we should expect a smooth path forward and the result of a higher amount of funding.

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