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What​'s Next?

The timeline for restarting work is based upon having enough funds on hand for Tyson and Associates to be confident they will be able to complete the work. Naturally, with all insurance funds already used, our primary source for funding is currently FEMA and we continue to see good but very slow progress toward finalization of this grant. Once we receive letters of obligation from FEMA and have secured adequate funding, Tyson has indicated they will immediately begin the process of restarting construction. 


At this point, our FEMA grant status is as follows:


  • All current questions have been answered and all initial claim documentation has been submitted.


  • FEMA forwarded our project in June 2023 to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for a required third-party, expert cost analysis. (For most recent news, see Highlights and Updates October 2023)


Although it was disappointing to be forced to appeal the determination by FEMA disputing some of our damage claims, it is important to recognize that FEMA is just one of several sources of funding God has already presented to support our building project. While the insurance pay-out gave us a great start, it now has become even more evident that our own giving is playing a significant role in the opportunity to complete the entire vision for the future of Grace’s ministries, both those we have now and those that can be developed. Giving today supports the vision of completing the master plan in a timely manner.

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